A great big headline to catch some attention

By ten o'clock the police organisation, and by midday even the railway organisations, were losing coherency, losing shape and efficiency, guttering, softening, running at last in that swift liquefaction of the social body.

MH370 – Truth behind the missing Malaysian Airline!

The American is withdrawing from the Afghanistan, one of their command and control system (used for controlling the pilot-less drones) was hijacked by the Talibans when the American transport convoy was moving down from one of the hill top bases. The Talibans ambushed the convoy and killed 2 American Seal personnel, seized the equipment/weapons, including the command and control system… Read more →

Raanjhanaa Review: Miss it at your own risk!

Ratings: **** Well, I don’t want to waste any minute to pronounce Aanand L. Rai’s RAANJHANAA one of the best movies this year. It makes me really restless as a viewer [ you could actually feel the beats, my heart is skipping in excitement] after experiencing so much good things coming in place for this simple-rustic yet very unpredictable-very ‘matter-of-fact’… Read more →

Being someone’s last love is beyond perfect!

I do write novels with love stories in them. Good-looking young couples with throbbing hormones fall in love and have to be with each other. It’s an escape. It’s a rollercoaster and that kind of love is terribly fun to write. But today I want to talk about a different kind of love. Being someone’s first love may be great… Read more →